We aim to please, and we enjoy what we do!
The very best compliments we've received from our clients have been referrals. We thank you all so much for telling your friends, family and co-workers about us! Some clients have also been very kind to give us written recommendations for our website!
We are humbled by their kind comments!

When we began building an extensive addition on our home, Jillian had great ideas and she was invaluable for all aspects to help us pull it all together!
- Don Hearn Jr.
We had a great experience working with Jill Straky of Housewears. Jill has consistently met and exceeded our expectations. We were most impressed by Jill's ability to figure out very quickly our unique design sensibility and then follow-up with design solutions that effectively combined aesthetics, functionality as well as cost considerations. Jill offered complete flexibility when it came to implementing the designs. We could go it alone; She could coordinate trades; and/or order and pick up product -whatever. In our case we relied on Jill to simply get the job done. She did this in a timely, professional manner with fantastic results. We trust Jill because she stands behind her work; she does not have any hidden agendas to push any particular products and she understands what it means to provide good customer service.
- Dana Young & Jack Speirs
Building a new house - we look back on some of the most stressful times of our lives! One of our best decisions was hiring Jill Straky from Housewears over a year ago. To get her involved was one of the best experiences we had during the entire construction of our new home. She supported us with her creative suggestions and her sense for detail as well as her great knowledge of materials, dimensions, light and colour effects and her wonderful taste, always including both our wishes and ideas.
We should also mention that Jill was always anxious to find unique, cost efficient and best quality solutions for us. She did a lot of shopping for us which saved a great deal of time that we didn't have, kept very good track of important deadlines and worked closely with the teams on the construction side. Just by knowing better sources or by using different materials she saved us a lot of money as well. One of the best examples is our beautiful fireplace in the family room. It is a dramatic statement in black from the floor to the 15' ceiling with a huge framed mirror. We would have never considered this solution on our own, but we trusted her suggestion and are thrilled with the result. Overall, we describe Jill as a creative, conscientious and professional person, very customer-orientated and wonderful to work with. We can absolutely recommend our friends and others to use Housewears for their interiors.
Jill, thank you very much - you helped us make our new home something we are very proud of.
- Manuela and Marty Solcz
While viewing various homes for building ideas, a homeowner whose house we admired recommended we contact Housewears, as he had done. We called Jillian and found her to be prompt, reasonably priced and very helpful. We're pleased with the design assistance she provided through the construction of our new home.
- Matt Soulliere and Krystal Kalbol
This is the second home we've built, and Housewears was consulted for both of our homes. Always providing us with great service, Jill understood the look we wanted, and the results are excellent...we're really happy with our new home. As former president of the Windsor Essex County Real Estate Board, I definitely recommend Housewears to my clients.
- Goran & Danielle Todorovic, #1 agent at Remax Preferred Realty, on interior design
My client's home definitely sold more quickly and for a higher price because of the fabulous work Housewears did.
- Michelle Maitre, # 1 agent at Remax Preferred Realty, on home staging
We hired Jill Straky from Housewears after building our new home, and it was a great decision. She has been a pleasure to work with, and she offered us high quality trades to execute the ideas she had. From painting, decorative murals, draperies, millwork, custom furniture and AV installation, we've been very happy we called her.
- Matt & Jenn Claridge
In just two consultations, Jill gave us detailed direction about what we could do to make our space warm and inviting, and we've implemented all her suggestions. The outcome is terrific; we're really pleased with our new look.
- Pauline Bloch
I had the pleasure of working with Housewears over a two year period. During that time Housewears was the decorator for multiple show houses and provided prompt decisive insight coupled with unbridled enthusiasm. Always pleasant to work with, Housewears was prompt returning calls and work was completed within the designated time frames.
- Diane Loeffen
Housewears was a pleasure to work with! They were able to give us a great look that suits our needs and was within our budget. Everyone who visits our home compliments us on the decor!
- Erin Wladarski
Housewears was the second company we contacted to assist us with major renovations in our home, and it was exactly what we needed; the first company we called left us feeling unsatisfied and unsure. We required assistance with design and space planning for our unfinished basement, incorporating adequate seating, a bar, an area for watching TV, and a pool table. We had a very positive experience dealing with Housewears: the result is a sophisticated yet comfortable multifunctional space for entertaining. Housewears has continued to complete work in other rooms of our home, and we would definitely recommend their services to others.
- Denise and Steven Hulaj
Housewears had given us assistance seven years ago, and we contacted Jill Straky again when we purchased a new home. She provided us with good advice and a good team of contractors and we were able to get lower pricing on furniture through Housewears. We are glad we contacted Housewears again and we're very pleased with the look of our house.
- Ed & Lynn Kanters
Working with Housewears was an enjoyable experience. We waited some time to do two main areas in our home, and we were pleased with Jill's ability to understand our needs and our tastes in design. She offered functional, stylish solutions and unique ideas in a friendly, professional manner. We are very happy with our new living spaces. She was referred to us by another client of hers, and she was a pleasure to work with!
- Sherry Wright
My relationship with Housewears is ongoing. I can't wait to start my next project! While working with other designers in the past I was often left feeling pressured and intimidated. Housewears provided me with several alternative solutions, allowing me to achieve the look I wanted, while still staying within budget. Housewears service offerings were exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family.
- Sandra Chodola
Meeting you (Jill Straky, Housewears) has been fantastic. I'm happy to be a glowing customer. We are so incredibly happy with how it (family room) has all turned out.
- Ken Malec
As soon as I went to the Housewears website and saw the photos of the projects Jill had done, I knew in an instant she was the decorator I was searching for. I could just tell by the photos of the projects on her site that she had the natural talent to make a room look fabulous. Just by looking at the photos I got that feeling you get when you walk into a well decorated room, it speaks to your soul and makes you feel warm, welcome and peaceful. I am not sure how else to explain it, it is just a feeling. So, I called her. When we met I explained to her that I wanted to totally redecorate my bedroom. I told her that I needed her to do everything, down to the last detail. She got straight to work presenting me with paint colours, carpeting, furniture, drapes, and accessories and I loved everything she suggested. Like I said, a natural talent. Well, let me tell you, what was once a drab room is now something that should be in a designer magazine. It truly is award winning. Needless to say I am ecstatic! Jill was very easy to work with. She is down to earth and makes you feel at ease and not intimidated whatsoever. You can tell she really loves what she does and what she does is truly amazing. I give Jill the highest recommendation possible. I still cannot believe how beautiful my room is. Every time I walk into it, I feel that wonderful warm and peaceful feeling.
- Donna Fournier